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Powder Coat Oven Info
Control Panel Left Right
Door Hinges Left Right
Door Double Single
Trim Color Red Blue Black
Digital Thermometer Port Yes No
Timer Yes No
Powder Coat Booths

Powder Coat Booths

Powder Coat Guns
  • COLO-800T-B
  • COLO-500T-C
  • COLO-500T-H
  • COLO-610T-H
Powder Coat Containers
  • COLO-52A (36x52cm)
  • COLO-52B (36x52cm)
  • COLO-MIN01 (20x40cm)
  • COLO-MIN02 (20x30cm)
  • COLO-MIN-B (10x20cm)
  • COLO-62A (36x62cm)
  • COLO-62B (36x62cm)
  • COLO-62C (26x62cm)
  • Big Tank COLO-S01/02 (55x55cm or 68x68 cm)

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